How to optimize texts on the website

The text on the website pages is one of the main ranking factors. Several years ago, optimizers placed huge texts overfilled with keywords on the promoted pages which were really problematic to read. There were times when such texts gave plus in the ranking, but eventually, the search engines began to apply sanctions to the websites that used similar optimization methods. Specialists have already moved away from such pseudo-optimization and now SEO-texts is not a canvas of keywords, but a useful text with thematic words and answers to users’ questions. In this article, we’ll discuss how to optimize text for search queries properly. text optimization

General requirements for website texts optimization

When optimizing texts, adhere to the following requirements:
    1. First of all, the text should be not only unique but also useful, respond to the user’s query. Always remember that the texts will be read not only by search robots but also by people.
    2. The uniqueness of the text should be at least 90-95%. Uniqueness can be checked by special applications and online services. There are many similar tools on the Internet.
    3. The text should not contain grammar mistakes.
    4. According to the style of writing, the text can be informative or selling. The writing style is selected depending on the type of page. The selling style is suitable for online store websites, informative – for the article or blog sections.
    5. As for the volume of text, you should be guided by the minimum and maximum number of characters on pages of the websites which are top in Google search results. In any case, the amount of text should be sufficient to answer the user’s question. Do not chase large volumes. Be more specific.
    6. To make the text convenient to read, it should be well-structured. In the text, it is recommended to use headline, subtitles, tables, images, videos, lists, quotes or other logical selection of text. Divide the text into paragraphs of 300-400 characters.
Put the most frequent keywords in the headings. Besides, high-frequency keywords try to write in the first paragraph. Sentences with keywords should not be very long – no more than 20 words.Do not forget to enter keywords in the alt and title tags for images. SEO text It is worth mentioning the “document zone” which is defined as areas on the page where the keywords are placed. They are following:
      • The <title> tag;
      • Text content within <body>;
      • The content of the <a> tags.
Depending on the search queries, document zones may have different effects. Do you need text for the section or can you use keywords in other areas of the document? A correct answer to this question can be obtained only after the analysis of the top search results for the website key queries.

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