How to change password in WordPress

In this article, I will explain how it is possible to change a WordPress password in a standard method in the website admin panel, and secondly to do it directly in the database, if for some reasons you cannot use the first variant.

The standard password change

Go to website Dashboard, menu Users – All users.
There on the needed user (usually it is admin) choose Change.
Here press a button “Create a password”.
The field will appear with already generated value. You whether agree with it or just enter your variant and press the button “Update profile”.

How to change password in WordPress

Changing via phpMyAdmin

There occur the situations when you forgot or lost your WordPress website admin panel password.
It is good when your email is listed in admin panel and you can restore the access, for this purpose when entering the admin panel it is necessary just to press the button “Forgot password”. In this case, to your email, there will be a letter with a link to change it.
If this way of restoring is not suitable, it is possible to change it directly in the database. For this purpose, it is necessary to enter phpMyAdmin (utility for work with MySQL databases, which provide almost all the hosting companies).
Then it is necessary to find a database of your website and to enter it. Here it is necessary to find a wp_users table, here passwords of WordPress users are kept. Wp is a standard prefix for tables in WordPress databases, however, you can have another prefix.
Here go to mode “browse” of the table.
Choose the record with the needed user and move to it with the button “Change”.
In the new window of record editing in the column user_pass change the field value “Function” to md5, and in the field “Value” the desired password, then press “Forward”.
After this, you can log in the admin panel of your website with a new password.

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