How to Update WordPress

When updating all the security flaws become repaired, which were in the previous versions, and in such a way, your website will be more protected.

Before you start

In case if something went wrong, be sure that you’ve made a backup copy.
Make sure that the user of the database that is registered in WordPress has rights to create, modify and remove database tables. If you have your WordPress version installed in a general way, and since then nothing had changed, everything is OK.

Warning before the beginning

Therefore, if you are using plugins and themes that are not included in a WordPress catalog by default, it will be advisable to address professional to maintain the website’s stable work after updating.
You have to log in the main admin panel of your website, go to, in the section Dashboard, in sub menu Updates there is an information on the updates available. Themes and plugins can be updated or not – at your option, and as for the version of the engine itself, it is better to update it to the latest version.
In order to update WordPress, it is enough only to press a button of Update in the Dashboard section. In the latest version of WordPress, the automatic updating is by default.

Your website updated successfully. It is the easiest way of updating. Use it only if you are sure that your website is built correctly, without using plugins and themes that are not included in WordPress catalog by default.


If something went wrong, in a matter of urgency recover your website and ask for help the professionals.
Of course, it is possible not to update your engine, but you run the risk to be hacked.
Do not rush to update WordPress especially if you are not a professional webmaster. By default, the latest versions of WordPress include the automatic updating.

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