How to protect your WordPress Website?

In this article, we shall speak about protection of your websites on popular engine WordPress from hackers and other malefactors. Here goes!   Change your login Do you still have admin? When creating a website it is the most popular one. It is the first thing the bots check when searching for the security flaws. Enter the admin panel and create a new admin account with some other name. Then log out the control system, log in again and delete the admin account. Unusual password No one wants…

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How to get subscribers for the email newsletter

The newsletter is one of the instruments with the help of which it is possible to have a productive communication. Still, it is not a final goal of the newsletter. The correct email newsletter helps to increase sales, registrations, or visits to your website – a conversion in other words. And that means that it is very important the letters come to the “right” destinations – the clients, both existing and potential ones. How to collect a base of subscribers, who will be interested in your project? In…

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