How to get subscribers for the email newsletter

The newsletter is one of the instruments with the help of which it is possible to have a productive communication. Still, it is not a final goal of the newsletter. The correct email newsletter helps to increase sales, registrations, or visits to your website – a conversion in other words. And that means that it is very important the letters come to the “right” destinations – the clients, both existing and potential ones.

How to get subscriber to email newsletters

How to collect a base of subscribers, who will be interested in your project? In this article, we will answer this question.

When proceeding to the collecting of the email base, take into account some simple pieces of advice:

  1. Understand, for whom you will do the newsletter, and keep this image in your head. It is a general recommendation, which is obligatory to use when taking any decisions on project’s development and promotion. Always.
  2. Answer two simple questions: “What I will write about?” and “Why it will be useful for the readers?”, and formulate out of the answers the offer to subscribe.
  3. Many do not want to leave their emails, as they are afraid of spam. Tell, how often you will send emails, as well as let the readers understand that they can easily unsubscribe anytime.
  4. Don’t be intrusive and attract people first of all with a useful content. Small but effective subscribers’ base will bring much more profit than many useless emails.

Where to get the subscribers?

  1. Create a form of subscription on your website. Usually, it is placed on the side panel of the first screen – the larger number of readers notice it over there. If your website is an independent project, you can offer your readers the advice on your specialization, or create a newsletter on your articles’ topics.
  2. Use the emails you already have. If you are an online store owner, and you have email base of your clients, you can send the emails with the offer to subscribe to the new newsletter. Don’t forget to include all 4 pieces of advice, which we gave in the very beginning ? Another variant is to use emails that were left by the participants of Master-Classes, webinars, and other events. When sending the newsletter to such emails pay enough attention to the first email content. Make sure it doesn’t look like spam, and that the reader can easily find the unsubscribe button.
  3. Offer something for free. Here everything depends on what is your business. You can offer a free access to a limited service, a discount for goods or attend of a Master-Class. An example of a good offer – a book in exchange for an email.
  4. Remind about the newsletter on the social networks. Make posts with intriguing aiming and short email review, promise your subscribers something useful and special. And, of course, fulfil your promises.
  5. Hold contests for the target audience. You thought that the contests are necessary only for the attracting the audience in the social networks? No such thing – you can use them for collecting of the email base. Come up with an interesting contest for your target audience and post the information on the social networks, on your website, in the mass media, on forums – in general, everything as usual. Just with one small refinement – at the moment of registration or during the participation the contestants are to leave their email addresses, which you can add to your base.

There is no need to use all the methods at once, try 2-3, that suit exactly to you; it is likely that it will be enough. Your target audience is your aim, remember that behind the screen is a living person, and you will succeed with the effective subscribers’ base for sure! ?

Author: Svitlana Dziaba, Upwork profile

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