Why is it necessary to update WordPress?

Advantages and disadvantages

One of the most popular engines for the website is WordPress. Expert recommends updating it from time to time. Let us figure out why it is necessary.

The main reasons to update

Here are the list of reasons why it is necessary to update WordPress

  1. The risk of hackings. The majority of hackers can easily hack the engine where the website operates. That is why it is necessary for you to update the engine as soon as developers release a new version. Usually, the description says what is new in the next update.
  2. If your website has a large number of bugs, then it is very important to update the engine. There could be some bugs difficult to determine, they appear only in the course of time. Every new update is intended to fix these errors. However, it is recommended not to upload the updating in the day of release, let other users test it for nearly a month. There is always a possibility of appearing of new problems.
  3. Website’s technical aging. If your website exists for a long time, there is always a probability that it is outdated technically. Of course, you can add new functions with the help of modules and plugins; however, the majority of modern management systems have them already built-in. Updating will help you to save your time and money.

It is necessary to update frequently

Developers improve the systems of a website management all the time; they remove errors and add new functionality. We recommend before every updating to perform a backup: in such a way, you can protect yourself from data loss and the possibility of appearing of new errors.

The mechanism of updating

Usually the engine updates automatically, however, there are cases, when it is necessary to perform it manually. Sometimes the update occurs in several steps (in case, if you have not updated for a long period). Moreover, it is necessary to be ready, that it will be necessary to rewrite the template of your website after updating, as many engines will not support them.
In fact, sometimes it is necessary to resort to help of professional programmers. However, for example, if a website is written on WordPress, even beginner should not experience any problems with the engine updating. However, there is always a possibility of an error, and only an expert is able to solve it and to restore data from a backup copy. We recommend to update a website not fully, but on subdomains, and in case everything went smooth, to add changes to the working website.
If you are a beginner in this sphere, apply for help to a specialist, in order not to aggravate the existing problems.

Advantages and disadvantages of WordPress updating

First, it is necessary to say that there are much more advantages than disadvantages of an update. Among them it is possible to list the following:
– Increased protection from hackers’ attacks and break-ins;
– The elimination of system errors and different bugs;
– Website speed-up;
– Usage of advanced functionality.
Modern functions and eye-appealing design will attract more people to your site; than your competitor’s outdated site. Moreover, visitors will also like your quick website’s operation.
Roughly speaking there could be only one disadvantage of updating – it is the possibility of errors on the website. However, this problem can be solved very easily: before updating WordPress, make a backup copy, in order, it would be possible to restore all the data. If the error appears again, apply to an expert who is able to adjust everything correctly.
In general, we recommend to update WordPress constantly (not necessarily in the first day of release), but do not forget to make a backup copy in advance.

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