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If your subscriber/newsletter receiver after reading your email pressed the “Spam” button – it is spam. And it is almost nothing to do with it… However, the majority of receivers can simply not to notice your email – it will automatically be transferred into the spam folder. Do you often check it? As for me, I clean it without opening.
An email service or email client which your customer uses (, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.) has a spam filter. A spam-filter is an algorithm which takes a decision when analyzing your email (text and heading), whether it is spam or not. Being aware of criteria on which the spam filter works, you can act in such a way, so your email would avoid the spam folder and the person will see it.

how avoid spam folder

Here are some tips from

  1. Do not purchase the email bases and do not use them in your newsletters.
  2. In the email topic, do not write separate words or a whole topic with UPPERCASE letters.
  3. Do not use in the email topic many question marks, exclamation marks, special symbols: hearts, pluses, etc.
  4. Do not use words and word-combinations in the email topic related to money: “Buy”, “Earn”, “Money”, “Discount”, “Sale”, “Free”.
  5. Do not write in the headings any sums of money of any currency (£99, $3, etc.).
  6. Do not send emails from the addresses like “no-reply@” or “noreply@”.
  7. Do not send emails from free email services addresses like,, etc. Send emails from your domain, like
  8. In the email text, it is better to call a recipient by name.
  9. Do not use in the text pasting of text fragments with bright colors: yellow, red, green, and others.
  10. Do not send pictures instead of text. Your whole email cannot be in the picture.
  11. Refuse “dangerous” word-combinations: press here, earn here, buy here, 1 hour free, etc.
  12. Do not use more than two domains in links and email addresses. For example, if an email will be sent from, and the email text will have a description of a website – there is a risk that such an emails would be considered as spam. To prevent such a threat, an email is to be sent from
  13. Do not insert links in the format www to the email text ( If it is necessary for you to lead your reader to a website, insert a hyperlink via tag <a href=“”>Link text</a>.
  14. Do not use services for links shortening in the email, like,,, etc. if it is necessary for you to insert a link to your email, use a hyperlink.
  15. Provide a link of unsubscribing, in order people, could easily unsubscribe your newsletter. Include this link to your every email.

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