Website backup: how to perform it correctly and how to store it

Website backup is a website copy, which can be used for recovery in case of some accident. Backup in some cases can become the only way to return the normal working efficiency of the project.

In this article, we will tell you about how to perform correctly the website backup, in order it can be fully used further, about backup creation methods, and ways of its storage.

How to make a website backup correctly

The two main things what are to be memorized are as follows:

  • WordPress website backup consists of database and website files.
  • The time of making a copy of the database and the files needs to be equal.

If backup will not contain the website files or databases, it will be impossible to recover the website. The database contains all the texts, website’s rubrics, settings, links, and others. And files – are the page’s design, images, plugins, and others.

If database backup differs in time from files’ copy, then when recovering there could be some errors on your website. These appear in the case when between copying of files and the database there were made some changes on the website.

Backup methods

There are some methods for a backup copy of your WordPress website. Here they are:

  • To use such a function from your hosting company. Every self-respecting hosting company makes websites backups of their clients. As a rule, it occurs automatically, from time to time. On some hosting, it is possible to make a backup manually.
  • It is possible to make a copy with the help of a plugin. There is a lot of plugins for WordPress, allowing making website backup copy. They all are different in functionality and they can be successfully used in one way or another.
  • Also, it is possible just to download manually the website’s database and files.

Backup size

As for the question, how much size will your site take on a hard disk? A large online store can weigh up to a couple of gigabytes and an average website (nearly 100 pages) on the average from 80 Mb to 200 Mb.

Where to store the website copy

A website’s backup copy except for the fact that it should be created correctly, it should be stored correctly as well. As when storage will appear to be insecure, your backup will be lost.

  • Website copy can be stored on hosting’s backup server. Disadvantages are the following: if you stop paying for your hosting, there will be no backup; as well as the backup server can have some problems and it will stop operating.
  • One can download and save the backup on a personal computer. Here are disadvantages as well: your computer can stop working; website’s backup copy can weigh a lot and the downloading will be very long.
  • Website’s backup copy can store in the cloud storage. From the disadvantages here it is possible to sort out that the cloud’s account can be hacked and everyone will be able to get the access to your backup; here is also a disadvantage of downloading of large files.

Which backup to store

It is recommended to store the two backups: the last one and the penultimate one, in order to make it possible to recover your website’s correct work.

Hope, that this article was helpful for you. If you still do not get how to make a backup copy of your website, do not feel upset, you can always ask for help. When facing any problems do not hesitate to apply for help of professionals.

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